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12 April — Cellulosic Biofuel 2.0

Date: 12 April 2023
Time: 12:00pm ET
Location: Wean Hall 3701 and via Zoom
Speaker: Lee Lynd
Topic: Cellulosic Biofuel 2.0

Cellulosic biofuels fell short of expectations a decade ago but are likely needed as part of the sustainable energy transition. Perspectives will be offered pursuant to configuring Cellulosic Biofuel 2.0 for success, including:

• The need for cellulosic biofuels as key components of the sustainable energy transition, with an emphasis on negative emissions.

• Selected technologies with potential to enable cost-competitive conversion of cellulosic biomass to fuels for light and heavy-duty vehicles.

• Graceful land use strategies, in particular for avoiding land competition and enhancing the cost effectiveness and sustainability of food and feed production.

• Deployment, entrepreneurial, and policy strategies informed by cellulosic biofuels 1.0.

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