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21 September —  The State of Play of Transportation Electrification at the State Level

Date: 21 September 2022
Time: 12:00pm ET
Location: Wean Hall 3701 & via Zoom
Speaker: Philip Jones
Topic: The State of Play of Transportation Electrification at the State Level

Abstract: What is the overall status of transportation electrification activities at the state and local government levels, and what are some of the key issues with EV adoption, technology, and models for market development for TE infrastructure? The remarks will cover the activities of the key players in building out infrastructure – regulated utilities and their filings, private sector EV service providers, automotive OEMs, the uses of VW settlement Appendix D funds, and others.  The remarks will focus mostly on the public utility commissions (PUCs) at the state level, but also the activities and plans of other key state agencies such as environmental agencies, state energy offices, and increasingly the state DOTs (for the federal funding through NEVI).  What are some of the best practices that are emerging in the states and both challenges and opportunities.  Key issues to explore will include:  environmental justice and equity issues both for EV adoption and chargers; rate design issues (demand charges and volumetric/energy charges, dynamic TOU rates), managed charging technologies and techniques, market development models, the pros and cons of utility own and operate, make-ready infrastructure, rebates, and leasing the EVSE (chargers) with subscription rates.