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8 May – “Incentivizing electric vehicles in the United States”

Date: 8 May 2017
Time: 12:00pm
Location: Baker 129 Conference Room
Speaker: Alan Jenn
Topic: Incentivizing electric vehicles in the United States

Abstract: Transportation accounts for 28% of total energy use and 26% of emissions in the US, as a result there has been a movement towards adopting battery electric and plug-in hybrid electric vehicles in the commercial automobile market. Federal and state governments, electric utility operators, and a number of other entities have provided support for these new vehicle technologies via monetary and non-monetary incentives. Using a rich registration dataset in the US, we are able to evaluate the effect of these incentives on the adoption of electric vehicles. We find that a $1,000 incentive corresponds to a 2.6% increase in sales on average of electric vehicles.  In addition, we introduce a novel variable to capture consumer knowledge of EVs and associated incentives in our model to help explain the state level heterogeneity in response to incentives.

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