2017 CEDM Annual Meeting Posters

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 Name Poster Title
 Sunhee Baik The Value of Assuring Some Electric Service from Pittsburgh Residential Customers against a Large-scale Outage of 24 hours
 Sunhee Baik Eliciting the Values of Reliable Electric Services in Regions Facing Significant Risks
 Cristobal De La Maza Cumulative risk judgments and choice: 1 an application to flood risks
 Priya Donti Predicting Marginal Generators in Real Time
 Priya Donti Assessing the Uncertainty of Emissions Reductions from Various Interventions
 Rachel Dryden Failure to Differentiate How Long Air Pollution and Carbon Dioxide Remain in the Atmosphere
 Brock Glasgo Expert assessments on the future of direct current in buildings
 Lynn Kaack Empirical Prediction Intervals Improve Energy Forecasting
 Lynn Kaack Deep Decarbonization of Global Freight Transportation
 Long Lam A Sunny Future? Expert Elicitation Results for China’s PV Technologies
 Liza Reed Under what conditions is DC conversion of high voltage AC transmission corridors economically attractive?
 Greg Schivley Power Sector Carbon Index
 Brian Sergi Public perceptions of climate change and air pollution: A survey of 10 cities in China
 Evan Sherwin Do low-income electricity subsidies change peak consumption behavior?
 Evan Sherwin Identifying air conditioners using monthly household electricity consumption
 Daniel Sun Estimating Trace Element Emissions from Coal-fired Power Plants using a mass-balance approach
 Fan Tong Understanding the Health and Climate Change Co-Benefits from Fuel-Vehicle Pathways
 Jake Ward How Does Shared Mobility Affect Vehicle Registration, Use, and Emissions?
 Michael Whiston A Technical and Economic Assessment of Fuel Cell Technologies Using Expert Elicitation
 Fiona Zhang Quantifying the Impacts of Hypoxia on N2O Production in the Gulf of Mexico