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CEDM News: CEDM Researcher Iris Grossmann will be featured speaker at DMUU Decision Center for a Desert City’s Water/Climate Briefing

CEDM Researcher Iris Grossmann will be featured speaker at the Water/Climate Briefing of the DMUU Decision Center for a Desert City (DCDC) on November 6. In her talk, entitled “Extreme Climate Events: Long-term Drought in the Southwest”, Dr. Grossmann examines droughts in the Southwest to demonstrate that extreme weather events are not stationary over time, with the impacts of global warming and multi-decadal climate variability. Given the magnitude of the projected impacts, she recommends that water managers explicitly incorporate both global warming and multi-decadal variability into their long-term planning.

The flyer for Dr. Grossmann’s talk can be found here.

Information on the briefing can be found on the Decision Center for a Desert City homepage here, and will later be archived in the spotlight section of the website here.