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CMU Examines Sustainability Across All University Activity

When Carnegie Mellon University established the Sustainability Initiative in September 2019, they did so with the explicit recognition that at its core, sustainability, even when focused on our environment, is about equity and inclusion.

As part of that initiative, CMU made six commitments, which included conducting the world’s first Voluntary University Review (VUR). The VUR identified thousands of university activities in education, research and practice in order to map them to the 17 Sustainable Development Goals, also known as the Global Goals.

Countries and cities around the world have used the Global Goals to identify challenges they face and engage in action to make our world more just and equitable. CMU’s VUR is a signal that universities are also a critical partner in achieving these 17 ambitious goals by 2030.

CMU’s intention is for their VUR to be a framework for them to track what they are doing across the 17 Global Goals and where they might find opportunities to do more. CMU also hopes that by issuing this VUR, they will spark action at other institutions of higher education to do the same. With the initial VUR now complete, CMU welcomes and looks forward to continued and enhanced engagement on the Global Goals from the CMU community and community partners, as well as from the higher education community at large.

Embracing the Global Goals now in CMU’s missions of education, research and service/practice will help ensure that the next generation is prepared to address the world’s greatest challenges.

To learn more about how Carnegie Mellon University is taking steps to increase sustainability across all aspects of the university, go here.