Carnegie Mellon University

The Steinbrenner Institute, also housed at CMU, keeps an updated list of courses offered at Carnegie Mellon related to Climate and Energy.

View their course listings on their website for the most update to date information: Climate and Energy

Or, view a PDF of all of the 2016-2017 Academic Year courses here.

Duke University

The Duke Energy Initiative has a tool to explore this list of courses and see their descriptions and in some cases the syllabi at:

You can also download the list from our website here.

University of British Columbia


RMES 520; Climate Change: Science, Technology and Sustainable Development

(36 hours of classes)

Five Easy Pieces: climate change in the context of global change

(15 hours of classes)

Decision-Making and Public Policy:

RMES 550: Policy Analysis and Decision Making

(36 hours of classes)


University of Leeds

Degree Programs:

MSc Business Analytics & Decision Science

MSc Sustainability & Business

MSc Environment & Development

Search the module catalogue for individual courses:

University of Vermont Law School

Vermont Law School offers a variety of specializations, including Climate Change Law, Energy Law, Environmental Justice, and more. Further information is available here.

University of Washington

U Washington’s Program on Climate Change offers a list of all of the climate related courses on their website here. To find courses related to energy and decision making, their general catalogue can be searched.