CEDM Advisory Board

Adam Brandt
Assistant Professor
Department of Energy Resources Engineering
Stanford University
Robin Cantor
Managing Director
Berkeley Research Group
William Chernicoff
Senior Manager – Global Research & Innovation
Richard Cowart
Director, Europe
Regulatory Assistance Project
Aimee Curtright
Senior Physical Scientist, Professor
Pardee RAND Graduate School
Thomas Dietz
Professor of Sociology and Environmental Science and Policy (ESPP) and Assistant Vice President for Environmental Research
Michigan State University
Jeanne Fox
New Jersey Board of Public Utilities
Kenneth Gillingham
Associate Professor of Economics
Department of Economics, School of Forestry and Environmental Studies
Yale University
Steve Hamburg
Chief Scientist
Environmental Defense Fund
Richard Howarth
Professor, Environmental Studies Program
Dartmouth College
Valerie Karplus
Assistant Professor
MIT Sloan School of Management
Catherine Kling
Iowa State University
Timothy McDaniels
University of British Columbia
Karen Palmer
Darius Gaskins Senior Fellow
Resources for the Future
Ortwin Renn
University of Stuttgart
Maxine Savitz
General Manager Technology Partnership (ret.)
Ola Svenson
Professor Emeritus of Psychology
University of Stockholm
David Victor
International Law and Regulation Laboratory
University of California, San Diego
Elizabeth Wilson
Professor and Director
Arthur L. Irving Institute for Energy and Society
Dartmouth College
Detlof von Winterfeldt
University of Southern California

In Memoriam

Anthony Janetos
Professor and Director
Department of Earth and Environment & Pardee Center, Boston University

“An internationally renowned climate change researcher, ecologist and science policy expert”