PowerOptInvest Utility Investment Decision Model (Beta Version)

PowerOptInvest and the Utility Investment Data Tool have been made publicly available for non-commercial use by state utility commissions, commission staff, environmental regulators, state and local energy officials, utilities, and non-governmental organizations. The Utility Investment Data Tool program installer is available below. The Utility Investment Data Tool runs on computers with Microsoft XP, Vista or Windows 7 operating systems. The installer will add a folder to your programs folder and should install a short cut on your desktop. The installed file name and folder name is Utility Investment Data Tool. If you do see the shortcut please look in all programs. The installer will also place the PowerOptInvest overview manual and Utility Investment Data Tool manual in the folder. The Utility Investment Data Tool creates input files for PowerOptInvest. Please send these files to power-opt-invest@duke.edu. We will reply to your message with results as soon as possible.

Click here for more information on the PowerOptInvest Utility Investment Decision Model.